Wasp Nest Removal


Wasp nest removal has to be undertaken with great caution; if one wasp releases attack pheromones, you can be quickly covered with hundreds of very angry insects stinging you.

Every pest control treatment is different and taken on its own merits. Some wasp nests will be visible – perhaps in the loft, a bush, shed, garage or under a sheltered overhang.

Some wasp nests can be safely removed if they are visible and there is access. Once a nest gets to a good size though; we inject the hive with an insecticide and then leave it in situ.

All wasps will then re-enter the nest and they\re all dead within 2-3 hours; If the hive is removed many wasps will return from their foraging trips and will hang around for days.

wasp nest removal


Queen wasps emerge from hibernation in the spring. She will build a nest from wood pulp and saliva to about golf ball size and lay her first brood of around a dozen eggs.

She is in effect an egg laying machine. The young wasps then take over responsibility for nest building and feeding the other grubs.

The nest quickly grows in size until around August when there can be up to 10000 wasps. The queen’s last brood are the next generation of queens, which will leave the nest and hibernate for the winter.

All the other wasps and the nest will die over the winter. Any queens that survive the winter will go onto build a new nest the following spring. Contact us for professional wasp nest removal solutions. It’s Free to Talk!

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